L.I. Bridge

Below are some photos my dad snapped of the Leroy Island Bridge project yesterday:

 Looking W toward Leroy Island

 Stoplights directing one-way traffic over temporary bridge

 Working on the new wooden bridge

Fine corduroy


Seth C. Burgess said...

Is this what the old "Corduroy Rd." running from L. Bluff Rd. to Garner used to kind of be like?

Or were those rounded logs running lengthwise?

Gil Burgess said...

As I understand it, corduroy roads were built over wet (swampy) areas with logs lying next to each other which produced the effect of riding in your carriage or wagon over a corduroy-like surface.

Gil Burgess said...

In other words, the logs were lying crosswise to the direction of the road.

Seth C. Burgess said...

Ah ok, I was picturing a corduroy pant-leg so thought the the logs would've been running lengthwise.

There are miniature corduroy roads in the Adirondacks, then. Hikers will place branches down in wet & muddy areas of the path to provide a stable walking surface.

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