It is nice to see kayaking taking root locally. Dad, Jess, Hannah, & I went paddling today as a group of four and crossed paths with serveral other kayakers during our hour on the water. There were many more small-cockpit boats noticeable along the west shoreline in between the Lake Bluff cove and Leroy Island bridge.

 Gil Burgess, Lake Bluff
Hannah DeCracker, Lyons

Leroy Island Temp Bridge

Below is the current progress on the construction of the temporary bridge to Leroy Island; it is on the north side of the existing bridge.

The temporary bridge will be used for vehicle & foot traffic while the new bridge is being built. Seems like quite a bit of time is being spent on the temp bridge alone--the only way to do it I suppose to ensure continuous access to the island while at the same time replacing the current bridge in the exact same location.

Tanner vs. T

Tanner and Teafoot practicing for the UDC (Ultimate Dogfighting Championship).