Slush Bluff

Rain, rain, go away--and don't come back!

The rain / wet snow is creating a slush, ruining my skiing snow! ;-(

Super Man Helps Every One

I have just learned of a mnemonic device that can be used to recall the names of the 5 Great Lakes: the sentence "Super Man Helps Every One".

S- Lake Superior
M- Lake Michigan
H- Lake Huron
E- Lake Erie
O- Lake Ontario

(from Vol. 5, Issue 7 of GX Magazine)

Another Ski on Dutch Street

There has been snow in Huron early this year, and I've taken advantage of it so far with two skis locally. Both goes have been through some orchard roads off of Dutch St.

Above is a photo of Hannah Rosie at the beginning of today's trip. She used a pair of skis that was definitely too long for her, but those were the only ones with 75mm bindings that I had on hand (she was wearing 75mm boots)!

New Gate Location

Here's the recently re-located road gate. Photo taken Tuesday 18 November.

1st Snow of 2008

The first snow of the season fell Monday night. Photo taken Tuesday morning at 0730.

Moon Thoughts

There is something about the clouded full moon that makes thought so clear. I walk a lane, trees on my right, brush on my left. The soil and rock beneath my feet.

The ceiling above is present although consoling, not constraining. Air is sweet at night. And what was mingled indoors reshapes into focus, weaving new threads of cognition.

Ontario Waves

Ontario waves roll and crash, roll and crash;
They mostly roll.
A testament that the body of our lives
Need not be filled with constant barrage.
Yet it is that crash that sounds the sweetest!

We lie in wait and are calm,
Calm and restful.
When water meets shore though
It is at that moment we realize
Something was missing.

Without the meeting of the two
There is no purpose, no direction.
There are waves rolling
And there is a wave rolling!
Roll into crash.

Wintering, Again

Jessica, Tanner, and I are looking forward to another winter at Lake Bluff! We will be spending it at the Mayor's office. Our skis and snowshoes are standing at the ready--I'm hoping to get some more local use out of them than was possible last year...


L.I. Bridge

Below are some photos my dad snapped of the Leroy Island Bridge project yesterday:

 Looking W toward Leroy Island

 Stoplights directing one-way traffic over temporary bridge

 Working on the new wooden bridge

Fine corduroy