Another Ski on Dutch Street

There has been snow in Huron early this year, and I've taken advantage of it so far with two skis locally. Both goes have been through some orchard roads off of Dutch St.

Above is a photo of Hannah Rosie at the beginning of today's trip. She used a pair of skis that was definitely too long for her, but those were the only ones with 75mm bindings that I had on hand (she was wearing 75mm boots)!


Gil Burgess said...

Looks like Hannah's having a good time regardless of boot size!

J. Christy Wareham said...

Hannah's my here!

J. Christy Wareham said...

I meant "hero"

Seth C. Burgess said...

Mine too!

Did I mention she asked for and guzzled a CherryPharm in the truck after skiing?

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