Town of Huron LWRP Questionnaire

View over Lake Ontario
A brief questionnaire is now available for Town of Huron residents / visitors to  provide input on the direction of the Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan (LWRP) for Huron. A representative from Huron's LWRP committee was present at the 2011 Annual Lake Bluff Picnic, and those who added names to the contact list at that time should have already received an email from the planning contractor. For anyone who hasn't received that email and wishes to provide input, the survey is available at


Will some of these at the Bluff help lower our homeowner's premiums?

Awful Weather---Beautiful Scene: Water for Bluff!

Saw this yesterday (Sept 7, 2011) on Lake Bluff Road just south of entrance to "Way Point" restaurant. The blue items on the right are pipes for our water!

Winter Views 23 Feb 2011

Here's what it looked like when I visited the Bluff a couple of weeks ago: