Honesty of the Night

There is a natural darkness that compels honesty...
It exists just down the road, a familiar tread
between the trees and under a cloudful sky.

Night creatures play their song, distant and near
and the truth abounds from all things, and from me.

Insight leaks from within and carries on
as light might shine into infinity.
Yet as with light, the honest truth can only reach so far
until it is blocked or deflected.

Whereby might the words of our heart find the way
through all barriers and into the void of lost promise?

Whereby, indeed.

Why do worms come out when it rains?

I have turned into a three year old again always asking the question why. Today after a rainfall at the bluff, of course, there were a tons of slimy worms scattered all over the surface of the dirt road. As a child, I remember finding interest in collecting the worms and storing these little guys in a bucket filled with dirt. This was until my mom made me put all of them back where I found them.

It is a common myth that worms come out of the ground when it rains because they might drown. This is not true. Worms breathe through gas exchange which occurs through their skin. If water has enough oxegen worms can survive in water for many days. So the question is why do these slimy friends come out when it rains? Well, since worms use oxegen to breathe through their skin, being above ground in a moist envirement allows these creatures to thrive. The sliminess and moistness on the worm is actually mucus which assists the worm with the gas exchange. Gas exchange must take place for a worm to survive After a rain a worm plays on the surface because the ground is moist.


I spotted a beaver in the Byork pond at Lake bluff. A few days ago I was driving to work and spotted a big wet fella with a large flat tail walking down the side of the road. Today on a walk with Tanner we spotted a beaver. Immediately I thought this was the same beaver I had seen earlier in the week, but when it dove in the water I discovered this was a kit possibly of the beaver I had seen walking down the road. Tanner and I watched quietly and then continued on our walk a little past sloop landing road. The walk round trip is a total of 4.5 miles from the cottage.