Crazy Out Here

It's very WINDY at Lake Bluff. Freakish. Great.

Speaking of which, kite surfing this upcoming summer, anyone?

Fresh Powder

Lots of snow yesterday!!! 8-10 inches on top of the frozen base should make for a few days of good skiing, snowshoes maybe be in order for today!

Joe's flight into Rochester was canceled, rescheduled, and canceled. Ended up flying to Laguardia, spending some quality time on the tarmac in a prop plane, and eventually making his way to the BUF airport, where I drove out to from my hideout in Irondequoit. We arrived back at Lake Bluff at 2am.

19th-Century Schooner Found in Lake Ontario

News article courtesy of our dear mayor, CJB:

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Two explorers conducting underwater surveys of Lake Ontario have uncovered an aquatic mystery — a rare 19th-century schooner sitting upright 500 feet under the waves.

Jim Kennard and Dan Scoville located the 55-foot long dagger-board ship unexpectedly this fall using deep scan sonar equipment off the lake's southern shore, west of Rochester.

The ship is the only dagger-board known to have been found in the Great Lakes. Kennard said vessels of this type were used for a short time in the early 1800s. The dagger-board was a wood panel that could be extended through the keel to improve the ship's stability. The dagger-boards could be raised when the schooner entered a shallow harbor, allowing the boat to load and unload cargo in locations that would not otherwise be accessible to larger ships. [continue reading...]

Danger Keep Off Slope

Signage near eastern end of Bluff. Ground frozen solid this morning after a 50-degree day yesterday. Slight coat of snow, hoping for more tonight & thru tomorrow!

Wolcott Falls

I was playing around with iMovie last night, and ended up making the video below of Wolcott Falls Park. After I put the quick little script together, I kind of wished I had some more photos / video angles... So easy on a Mac!

Wolcott Falls - direct link for any of you poor souls still browsing the web with Internet Explorer

Video shot with my Canon Elph SD600.

Pete Lynd

It is reported by Paul M. that Pete Lynd passed away yesterday, 2 Dec 08.