I spotted a beaver in the Byork pond at Lake bluff. A few days ago I was driving to work and spotted a big wet fella with a large flat tail walking down the side of the road. Today on a walk with Tanner we spotted a beaver. Immediately I thought this was the same beaver I had seen earlier in the week, but when it dove in the water I discovered this was a kit possibly of the beaver I had seen walking down the road. Tanner and I watched quietly and then continued on our walk a little past sloop landing road. The walk round trip is a total of 4.5 miles from the cottage.


Seth C. Burgess said...

Finally! Another willing author on :-D

Great report.

Gil Burgess said...

Don't tell the DEC. They might be an invasive species and we just don't know it!

Katharine said...

Good spotting! Can't wait to get the kids there again! And, me too!

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