Tanner Scales Lake Bluff

Tanner and I headed out for a quick jaunt under the Waxing Gibbous Moon tonight around 2315. We walked from here along the drying dirt road to its end and then cut eastward across the top of the Bluff. The descent through a few cottage yards onto the Back Beach Rd. went quickly, Tanner putting in about twice as much mileage as he swerved here and there as a Bumbly would.

Tan Boy was hesitant about dropping from the plateau clearing down to the Lake, so I led. The water of Lake Ontario is right up against the clay bank, allowing only a tip-toe path for those in desire of dry feet. We traversed the angled path from East-to-West, my first snowless pass of the Bluff front this year. Tanner did well on the wet clay and large rocks--a plus in my book for a future mountain-climbing dog.

We ascended the Bluff as far West as we could, with a zero-beach opportunity to complete our pass at the bottom. With just the slight assistance of a ledge-clearing push, Tanner's newfound LARGENESS enabled him to climb most all the way himself. Notably along our journey of the night, there is definitely vegetation taking hold at the bottom of the Bluff fill as well as expanding west across the slope. Good news for our children's children's children.

Upon our return to civilization around 2345, Tanner greedily burst into the cottage to the drinking water and lapped up that cool, crisp Huron spring water. His was the look of a satisfied beast.


Lori Skoog said...

Seth....great site and beautiful dog. You have to be connected to Mark DeCracker. He is quite a photographer. How did you find this site? Lori

Seth C. Burgess said...

Yep, I'm pretty seriously connected to Mark--I married his daughter.

I have been on your Art Walks on Water blog several times and then found my way over to your Skoog Farm Journal blog recently...

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