Opossum Encounter of the Third Kind

On a nighttime jaunt down to the back beach over a week ago, Tanner and I came upon an unsuspecting opossum quite abruptly. I was donning a headlamp at the time and the mellow fellow sat there staring at us for a good 5-10 seconds before scurrying up the bank towards the backside of the Fenn cottage (lower road, south of Stiesses). It is my belief that the headlamp had somewhat of a stunning effect on the opossum, as opposed to his being extraordinarily bold. It took Tanner less time to comprehend the situation than the opossum, so I grabbed up the Goldenboy before he could attempt anything "intelligent." There was about 4-5 ft. of separation between human/canine and said marsupial.

On the same walk, I saw in my headlamp beam the reflection of two other sets of eyes on ground level--appropriate for these cat-sized animals--making the number of opossum encounters that night, three.

A few opossum fact pages:


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