Wayne County's Ailing Tourism

A Wayne County Star article explores the lack of Tourist-based income in the area today:
  • "Visitors to Wayne County find it pretty and relaxing, but they aren’t particularly impressed with the quality of the places to stay, and navigating around the region can be tricky."
  • "Many visitors to Wayne County are actually staying in lodging in Monroe County because they can’t find the types of accommodations they want here."
  • "Upscale...is the way to go to attract Baby-Boomers and Generation-Xers with money to spend...Sodus Point and Pultneyville could be boosted into magnets for more tourism." [read full article]
Interviewees in the article as well as the $56,000 study paid for by both Wayne and Cayuga Counties both state that people want to spend much more money in the scenic landscapes of the southern shores of Lake Ontario--and that opportunity simply doesn't exist.

Do we live in an area where residents are less concerned with money and community improvement and are more in the mindset of preserving their own private sanctuary?


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