The local history column, "Looking Back", on page 4C of today's (November 4) Finger Lakes Times quotes from John E. Becker's 1949 history of Waterloo.

And here's Jeff looking out for our best interests!

Next was Charles & Sara Boogaard's

Today connections were made from the main pipe to the "curbstop" (the water consumer's property line). Here's Cassels'.

More Pipelaying!

On Monday & Tuesday (January 30 & 31, 2012) pipe was laid between Charles & Sara Boogaard's and Leenhouts' under the watchful eye of Jeff Simonet. And, the Mayor, Seth Burgess stopped by to check progress on his way to Hancock Field for his departure to Camp Shelby in Mississippi.

More Pipe Laying

Today Syracuse Constructors laid the pipe in a westerly direction past the north side of the tennis court to Charlie & Carol's and proceeded south toward Charles & Sara's installing a hydrant about half way between those two residences. And, as you can see, Victoria has her own hydrant.

Pipelaying At Lake Bluff-January 25, 2012